*Zuke Board Shield*

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Why do I need this?

Buying a snowboard and maintaining its condition can be an expensive investment. Tune-up services to sharpen a board's edges and ptex repairs to fix a board's base can add up. Many riders are forced to buy new boards every few years after their board starts to rust. Zuke's Board Shield is here to help protect your investment during storage and transit and extend the life of your snowboard. In addition, it was constructed in a way that is hassle-free to help you get the most out of your experience in the mountains. 

How does it work?

The Board Shield is a cover that snuggles around your snowboard to keep your edges sharp and your base smooth. There is an adjustable drawstring on each end of the cover, along with a buckle and strap across the waist to find that perfect fit.

The cover uses a custom-bonded three-layer fabric. The quick-drying micro chamois inner-lining wicks moisture off of the board to help prevent rust. The breathable poly-blend outer-lining provides cushion to prevent scratches. Lastly, between the two fabrics is a heat-treated polyurethane foam that bond fabrics the together.

Why is it better than a traditional board bag?

The Board Shield is simply more convenient. The cover folds up small for easy storage. In addition, the Board Shield negates the need to strap a large traditional board bag to the roof of a vehicle on the way to the mountain, as the Board Shield and snowboard can fit inside any car. Moreover, traditional zipper-locked bags trap moisture, causing your board to rust, while the Board Shield prevents rust. 

If you are flying via airplane to your next mountain destination and need to fly your boards out in a traditional snowboard bag, we highly recommend putting the Board Shield on each of your boards before dropping them into the traditional board bag. With multiple boards in the same board bag, the boards can bang against one another and cause damage. The Board Shield will protect against that potential issue.


As of right now, the Board Shield is designed for snowboards sized from 154-164cm, but we will be launching more sizes in the near future.

Where is it made?

Right here, in the USA.