The Best Snowboard Cover You Can Buy

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The Best Snowboard Cover You Can Buy

The Board Shield, by Zuke Sports, is the superior choice for snowboard covers. Keep reading to learn more.

1) Rust Prevention

No one likes a rusty board. Leftover snow and humid storage conditions can turn your shiny steed into a rusty mess before you know it. Luckily, Board Shield’s quick-drying micro chamois lining wicks away moisture from the snowboard and dries quickly to help prevent rust.

2) Scratch Resistance

With the Board Shield, you no longer have to worry about the dings and scratches that come with transporting your snowboard. The outer layer of the fabric is made from a thick poly-blend that provides cushion to protect the edges and the base of the board. Beyond that, the material is also breathable, as not to inhibit the quick-drying properties of the micro-chamois on the inside. This material will keep the edges sharp and the base smooth, so your board stays in peak condition for whatever the mountain throws at you.

3) Quality Materials

We built the Board Shield out of the finest fabrics available. The inner and outer layers are bonded with a heat-treated poly-urethane foam. The porous foam allows the inner-layer micro chamois to work its wicking magic, while the outer layer keeps the whole package safe. The adjustable drawstring and buckle let you adjust the Board Shield for the perfect fit. 

4) Convenience 

When not in use, the Board Shield folds up for easy storage. When driving home, forget strapping an unwieldy bag to the roof of your car because the Board Shield will fit snug and easy in just about any vehicle, so you can throw your board in the trunk or the backseat. 

5) Safety

You want your snowboard’s edges honed like a razor’s edge. But that edge can slash up car’s interior or even your fingers. The Board Shield keeps your upholstery, and your digits, safe during transport.

6) The Board Shield is compatible with traditional snowboard board bags.

If you are flying via an airplane to your next mountain destination and need to fly your boards out in a traditional snowboard bag, we highly recommend putting the Board Shield on each of your boards before dropping them into the traditional board bag. With multiple boards in the same board bag, the boards can bang against one another and cause damage. The Board Shield will protect against that issue and also help keep moisture away from the board while they are in the large, traditional zipper-locked bag.

7) Performance

Rust, scratches and dull edges slow you down and make for a frustrating, unresponsive ride. For the best response and the smoothest outing, use the Board Shield to keep that board sharp and shiny.

8) Cost-Effectiveness

Maintaining a snowboard is expensive. Between getting the edges sharpened, the base waxed and the p-tex replaced, the costs will start to add up. The Board Shield protects your investment and gives you more bang for your buck in the long run.