FAQ's About Wood-Fire Hottubs

FAQ's About Wood-Fire Hottubs

Have questions about our Woof-Fire Hottub offerings? Check out the FAQ's below!

1) How is the heat controlled?

The heat is controlled simply by adding or subtracting oxygen and fuel. By opening the stove top, more oxygen will enter the stove to create a hotter fire. Adding more fuel to the fire will allow the fire to burn bigger and longer. Suffocating the stove by closing the stove door will cause the fire to weaken.

2) How do you keep the water clean?

You can opt to not use chemicals. This method requires more water changes. To change the water, you simple drain the tub, rinse out any leftover debris, and add new water. Some people opt to utilize chlorine or bromine to keep the tub clean, as well. 

3) Can the tubs be transported?

The tubs can be move. To do so, just drain the tub, remove the fence, remove the chimney, then roll it to wherever you want it to go!

4) What do I do with my tub in the winter?

In general, if you use it once a week, you will likely be fine, unless you are exposed to extreme temperatures.