Zuke Sports

A Cuttting-Edge Action Sports and Lifestyle Brand

Who We Are

At Zuke Sports our goal is to inspire you to get outside and follow your passions. In addition, we aim to provide quality gear that will serve you well both in action and recovery.

Our Story

Zuke Sports was founded on the success of our first product, the Board Shield. The first prototype took to the mountains in 2006 after our founder, Jake, picked up his first new snowboard. Despite being only twelve years old at the time, he understood the importance of keeping his edges sharp, base smooth and board rust-free. Looking for a way to meet those goals, without the hassle of a massive traditional board bag, he teamed up with his mom and a sewing machine to make his first prototype.

11 years later, he decided it was time to go ahead and spread this technology to all the other awesome riders out there that could benefit from it. In addition, Jake wanted to create a brand that could inspire people to get outside and follow their passions. After applying for a patent for the board shield and creating a logo, Zuke Sports was officially born. We are here today in an effort to share our passion for action sports and improve the riding and recovery process for you along the way.